Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hot Weather and Hard Work

DSCF0015 Wednesday was the day of the funeral for our friend George. He had been a market gardener, and the family wanted 'bright flowers' in the church.

The service went really well - lots there, and some lovely old hymns.

After that it was Sewing Club - and the Last Pair Of PJs got finished! Hurrah!

DSCF0018 Now the girls are working on making needlecases.

We are using some ideas from Natalie's blog,  Cinderberry Stitches.

It was good to see how well the girls have taken to doing embroidery - when we first began, they wanted to machine everything, and loathed hand-stitching!

Then we had our first Holiday Club Staff Meeting, and an opportunity to display this year's craft activities and give out the Tee-shirts [thank you Genesis for being so efficient again]

Today I was teaching in the morning. School was buzzing with news of the upcoming Ofsted. I came home at lunchtime, and after lunch made some more 'hoodies' for the play.

DSCF0019 These are more colourful than the first batch of grey ones- but that is because I was using up some fabric to hand [a book of curtain fabric samples]

Apparently in the market scene, some of the girls need small drawstring bags to hold a few coins. So I was asked to produce a few.


I didn't want to spend a lot of time on these, so I used the black floral fabric sample, and sewed up a simple rectangular bag. The back of the fabric was plain - so I turned the top edge over and zigzagged it. Then I simply cut a couple of slits each side and threaded through some braid which I found in The Stash.

All done and dusted - and still time to visit the Care Home with Bob for a Communion Service and drop in on the Kidzone BBQ.



It has been been extremely hot today, and I feel rather tired now. I think I only have four relatively small outstanding sewing jobs left now, so I'll crack on with those tomorrow and then reclaim the dining table for meals  [until it is over-run with Holiday Club Craft Stuff]


  1. Oh no, not Ofsted! I have many memories of the one and only, just before I retired.
    What nice pyjamas!

  2. Angela, YOU are amazing! I can't believe all the things you pack into one day! The little coin bags are cute! I've been thinking of using my dining room table for my sewing since I can't seem to make it happen downstairs - too much stuff in the way! Great post!


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