Tuesday 30 June 2009

Springs and Kings and Things

DSCF0040 You remember I posted a picture of these Benecol bottles about three weeks ago?

Well today I did the next stage of preparation for the Holiday Bible Club crafts with them.


I'd spent Sunday evening watching "Kingdom", and winding little springs from some craft wire. Then today, I mixed up some Plaster of Paris and fixed the springs into the bottles.

DSCF0015 Then I inserted a pipecleaner through the top of each bottle.

Once everything had set - which was fairly quickly in this heat, I put the heads on!


On Day Four of the club, the theme is Christmas, and I thought we should make Kings/Wise Men. I remembered that Steph had found a craft idea for her Sunday School class, a couple of years back, DSCF0018 where she made Nodding Solomons [he was definitely a Wise King] using these little bottles. They nod and shake their heads, and are generally very cute!

The original idea came from this site.


So now I have 100 Kings ready to be dressed and decorated by the children. Someone gave me 50 short lengths of gold ribbon recently - cut in half with pinking shears that will give me 100 little crowns for the kids to stick on. One Woman's Trash is truly Another Woman's Treasure.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang had his Terracotta warriors

terracotta warriors2

And the Madwoman of Muxloe has her Benecol Bobbleheads










Like Macbeth, I am definitely suffering from a "heat oppressed brain" today, I feel!


  1. Hee hee, the Benecol Brigade/Actimel Army look pretty good to me. Hope you have lots of fun

  2. You are brilliant to come up with all these ideas.....that's what teachers do isnt it?!

  3. I think many of us see another person's good idea and then adapt it for ourselves. Not that much is original thought

  4. Hello Angela!
    Thank you for visiting me!
    Your Benecol warriors are so lovely!
    You've found a funny way to teach children ecology!
    ...but how many Benecol do you drink per day??? :)))))
    Greetings from Italy!

  5. Lol - only you could see the analogy between the terrcotta warriors and the Benecol Bobbleheads - thanks Ang - you had me laughing aloud. You are very clever. Hope your school did well in the "O" stakes :)

  6. Oh lol, 'nodding Solomons' I want one for my car! xxxx


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