Saturday, 20 June 2009

Yet Another School Fete!

Kirby Muxloe School had its Summer Fun Day today. Bob was doing PA and I was embroidering personalised gifts. People arrived bright and early to set up - from 8.15am, even though it did not begin till noon.

There was the usual discussion about which pole went where, when putting up the BBQ gazebo.


Bob has an easy-to-erect model, fortunately - so was soon busy connecting up the sound system. He put the waterproof covers on his speakers- but fortunately they were not needed.


Here are four members of the PTA carrying their gazebo to another location [I somehow feel there should be some some sort of potentate, like the Acond of Swat or the Fon of Bafut sitting underneath this as it is transported!]



It took ages for them to set up the Bottle Stall - it seemed to have hundreds of bottles - ranging from whisky to ketchup to bath oil!


I was inside, in the School Hall, and once I had got everything set up, I did one or two embroidery jobs I'd brought from home while I waited for customers.

DSCF0043 The babygro was preprinted with the taxi design - and I added 'Ollie' [that's for one of Steph's friends in London]

Most people were buying facecloths for Father's Day, or bibs for dribbling little sisters. Towards the end of the afternoon, one pony-mad child decided she did not want her name on her facecloth, just an expression of her passion


Outside,  people were giving away balloons in support of the Parish Plan


The weather was great, and loads of people came - there is a lot of support in the village for the school and its staff. The atmosphere was happy and people were helpful and friendly. My friend Libbi was there selling her Phoenix Cards - and I am glad to say that she said last week's Adapt Fair raised around £700. Sarah from Cherry Tree Gifts said the new shop was doing well - Sarah's daughter dances with 2b Productions - who were performing during the afternoon.

I enjoyed myself chatting to people and sewing things - so I forgot to take photographs once the event got under way! Even though I don't do Supply at KM School, I know lots of the children from Holiday Club, and there were children from the other local school where I do work. A number of them [and their parents] came and spoke about this year's Holiday Club. Bookings are rolling in steadily, and we have the staff T-shirts, now ready to distribute at next week's planning meeting.


  1. Looks like SO much fun! Your embroidery work is snazzy!

  2. It's so good when you get lots of support for these occasions.
    We sell Phoenix for our church here, and they are eagerly awaited, a very good money raising idea.


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