Thursday 15 November 2012

A Very Fine Cat Indeed*

hayleys cat

Sewing Club has been incredibly busy lately, and we have all been working on different projects. Hayley, our Youth Worker, has finally completed her cat. She’s very proud of this creation – and so she should be![ this feline measures about 35cm paw-to-eartip]

Hodge the cat

* I’m sure you recognise the quote – it is from the plinth below the statue of Hodge, Dr Samuel Johnson’s cat, which is outside SJ’s house in Gough Square in London. Hodge is sitting on a copy of his master’s dictionary. There are oyster shells beside him because they were Hodge’s favourite food. SJ considered it would be degrading to send his servant to buy them as they were ‘poor people’s food’ so he purchased them himself!

I am not sure if Hayley’s cat has a name yet.


  1. Ah Angela, tell her well done, her cat is lovely X

  2. The cat is fabulous...I can see it's personality!
    Jane x

  3. Hayley did a great job on her cat! I love how it can sit up! :)


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