Monday 12 November 2012

National Elf And Friends

These are the little elves I made to sell at Saturday’s Coffee Morning. You need a small amount of 4ply/aran or DK yarn and a wine cork for each elf.


I use 3.75mm or 4mm needles [old UK sizes 8 or 9] depending on the yarn I am using. It is not an exact science!

Sweater: Cast on 15 sts.

  1. *k1 p1* repeat to end
  2. *p1 k1* repeat to end
  3. k
  4. p
  5. k
  6. cast off knitwise & sew up back seam

Hat; Cast on 15sts

  1. *k1 p1* repeat to end
  2. *p1 k1* repeat to end
  3. k
  4. p
  5. *k2tog k3* repeat to end
  6. p
  7. *k2tog k2* repeat to end
  8. p
  9. *k2tog k1* repeat to end
  10. p
  11. *k2tog* repeat to end
  12. p3tog
  13. draw yarn through remaining stitch & sew up back seam.


Tassel; using contrast thread and large-eyed needle pull four strands of yarn through tip of hat to make a small stitch. Pull all eight ends of yarn through stitch and adjust. Trim ends evenly. Slide sweater onto bottom of cork, and hat onto top. Draw on eyes and nose with a fine point sharpie marker.

I use ½ a ‘sticky fixer’ foam pad to keep hat in place.

A blob of blutac helps keep them anchored – and you can add a cotton hanging loop if you want to suspend them from your tree


  1. Just popping by via Sue at the Quince tree ... these are so cute :D

  2. These are so adorable! I wonder what I could use instead of a wine cork for their main body though
    x xx

  3. OOh this would be great for me to do with the residents in the Home I work in!!! Thank you!! x

  4. They are incredibly cute,my cats would (unfortunately) have a field day with them!
    Jane x

  5. So cute! They look as if they would take ages but your pattern seems fairly straight forward. I think I'll have to have a go..
    Thanks for your kind comments on my recent post. It really helped when I was floundering. Jx

  6. Too cool- I think we might be able to supply the wine corks!

  7. These look very sweet - I was wondering what to try next with my (still very basic) knitting, this just might be my answer!!


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