Wednesday 21 November 2012

Happy Hearts At The Hart!


Here’s Bob, Adrian, Lucy and Marion at the White Hart, Hingham last Friday night, celebrating Adrian’s 50th Birthday. He knew he was going out for a meal with A&M – but did not expect Bob and myself to turn up! For more about Hingham see this post. We arrived at 7.30pm, in the dark – but in daylight, the pub looks like this. A welcoming atmosphere, and comfortable seats [I must be getting really old if I’m starting to notice details like that]


It is part of the Flying Kiwi Chain [an odd name, I thought, for rural Norfolk] We had great food – Bob had squid as a starter and Adrian had a ‘plate of pig’ – various pork products [we missed you, Jon!] I enjoyed antipasti, and L&M had red pepper and tomato soup.


Our main course  choices included brisket of beef, chicken breast with pancetta and mushrooms and home made burgers.

It was all quite ‘cheffy’… little pots of sauces, and things served on slate tiles…but the staff were helpful and attentive.

We ended our meal with coffee and birthday cake – an unusual Light/Dark Sponge with chocolate icing. There were not 50 candles on the cake, as that may have constituted a fire risk.

A good time had by all – especially Adrian

It was wonderful to be able to surprise my brother on his special day [and to have a brief stopover at Cornerstones too]


Lucy helpfully blew out all the candles for her Dad.


No more birthday celebrations for a bit [apart from The Best One, of course, on December 25th!]


  1. A plate of pig - what a descriptive name!!

  2. I love food on slate plates! Lakeland have expensive ones, but I think I'm going to bring out the slabs found by the boys in who knows which forest for Christmas serving! Meal looks lovely, and Bob too!


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