Tuesday, 6 November 2012

HM & PMs

This looks like fun - Peter Morgan's new play, The Audience, begins at the Gielgud Theatre in February. It is about the weekly meetings which the Queen has held with her Prime Ministers throughout her reign. Helen Mirren and Robert Hardy will reprise their roles as Her Majesty and Winston Churchill [no surprise there then!]

mirren HMhardychurchill

Haydn Gwynne will play Maggie [I think HG is a superb actor!]

hgwynne-maggiemaggie hgwynne

And Paul Ritter will be John Major

major ritter 2major ritter1

The remaining PMs have yet to be announced! Here are some of my thoughts on the matter…

Michael Sheen made a good Tony Blair in “The Queen”, and I thought that John Sessions was really believable as Harold Wilson in “Made In Dagenham”


sessions harold wilson 

With the right hair and specs, I think Jim Broadbent could do a cracking James Callaghan.

broadbent callaghancallaghan

Sam West did a great young Ted Heath [oh and John Sessions did him ‘old’ but we cannot let JS play two PMs-  that's confusing!]

samwest ted heathNPG x125725; Sir Edward Heath

Oh, and Gordon Brown is easy – he’s the ‘Handsome’ Shrek!

shrek godrdon brown

Any other actors you would nominate for PM roles?


  1. Brilliant !! Paul Ritter looks uncannily like John Major.
    Looks like a good play.

  2. How will you get Shrek there? If he needs a double my Ben's best friend Bill is well known as a slightly less green 'ordinary' Shrek!

    This is a lot of fun, Ang - thanks!

  3. That's interesting; I always thought Gordon Brown is rather handsome when he smiles.


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