Thursday 15 November 2012


pregnant drinker

Latest research suggests that even a glass or two of wine during pregnancy can affect your child’s IQ. Clearly my daughters are so utterly brilliant because I was teetotal throughout [and there was me thinking it was the genes they’d inherited from their father]

Actually, I was teetotal throughout their whole childhood. Only since they became adults have I allowed myself the occasional medicinal drink [1 Tim 5;23]


  1. Oh dear, that's the strawberries snookered again! Or should I say pickled- since I am about to undertake pear chutney. PC kicking up about amount of mouldy fruit that I won't let him throw out!!

  2. Alcohol,cigarettes and ANY drugs/meds should be a complete 'no no' during pregnancy.Sadly too many people ignore the advice. Many native communities here have children suffering from fetal alchol syndrome.
    Jane x

  3. I didn't drink during either of my pregnancies, either. Well, that's not exactly true. On the night before I was scheduled to be induced (Jack running a couple of weeks late), I had a glass of wine at dinner. Two hours later I went into labor. Probably no connection, but I did enjoy the wine!


  4. I basically avoid it as I have a family full of alcoholics. Not that I think I'm in danger with the occasional glass of wine but I'd rather just stay away. I've seen the bad side of it up close and personal!

  5. I don't drink, or at least maybe one drink every 2 years just if I've got to have a toast or something! I had some champagne on Sunday to celebrate something special but I grimaced throughout!

  6. Don't believe a word of it. She's at the sherry *right now*.

    1. Dear daughter- you know I do not LIKE sherry!


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