Saturday 17 November 2012

Great Guy #2

If your Sunday nights have become dull since Downton’s departure, then do watch Channel 4 at 8pm [or 4+1 at 9pm, or 4Od on your PC…] to catch up with the lovely Guy Martin and “How Britain Worked” [website here]It’s a great programme

guymartin seaside

Thus far he has restored a helter skelter, worked on a piston engine, been down a mine…with the sort of unbounded enthusiasm for history and restoration and engineering and ‘doing stuff’ that I just love. Hands-on, hard graft, no nonsense…brilliant!

guymartin and teapot

Guy is also a great biker, has a girlfriend called Steph, and his Sound Engineer is a mate of ours. What’s not to enjoy?

guy-martin biker


  1. Ohhh Thanks Angela! I like check that out at nap time later today. At the mo I a only watching Kirstie on 4od, Harry and Paul on iplayer and of course my dirty secret Jezza on itv player. lol
    x x x

  2. We like Guy too! We first watched the programme he did about restoring a narrowboat, which we thought was great, and we have watched some of the latest series about How Britain Worked - the OH has remarked that he is a bit like a Fred Dibnah for the next generation - he likes to find things out and ask lots of questions and isn't afraid to get in there and get his hands dirty!

  3. I saw him on the One Show ,I think it was ,what a charming unassuming natural and talented young chap Jan xx

  4. Oooh, we love things like this....I hope we get it over here (on a channel we get to see on the computer). We've just finished watching "Coast".
    Jane x


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