Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Name’s Bond…


Let the skyfall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together

As Bob’s diary for December appears to have something virtually every day until Christmas [including Mondays] we treated ourselves to trip to ‘Skyfall’ on Monday, as it was his last day off for ages. Our friends Graham and Jonathan were quite right – we really enjoyed it!


I have warned Bob not to ride his bike** in his best grey suit. You notice that Daniel Craig’s choice is a Honda too. [It is a modified CRF 250 R motocrosser, which was recently auctioned for Children in Need and raised a fabulous £101,400]

skyfallqmugI will not give away any plot spoilers in case you have not seen it yet. Great performances from DC, plus Dame Judi, Rory Kinnear and Albert Finney. Not so sure about Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes [that’s probably just me…I know others really like him!]

Ben Whishaw made a believable, geeky, young Q – and did not make any attempt to copy Desmond Llewellyn or John Cleese, but rather took a fresh approach to the Gadget Creator. I loved his Scrabble mug [but ‘Q’ is worth 10, an ‘A’ mug sadly only scores 1!]

The film is shot in a number of locations – many in London, but all round the world too [read about the sites used here] I shall mention Chris Lyons, in the credits for ‘special effects, teeth’ – there were lots of clever special effects, but that one was amazing! I did get a little sidetracked early on – I am sure ‘M’ picked up her coat and walked away without bending to retrieve her bag, but was clearly carrying it as she left the room. Now I am getting really geeky!

If you like the other Bond films, you’ll like this one!

**recently reprieved, we will not have to sell it!


  1. I think I must be 'geeky' too - I'm always spotting the continuity gaffs. So glad you enjoyed the film. It's been a long time since we went to the flicks.
    Love from Mum

  2. I noticed that continuity too :-) and LOVED the film. So much so that we've seen it twice. I liked Ralph better the second time around.
    I have a mug with a proud S on it, bought much before we saw Bond.

  3. Excellent news on all fronts- but especially that last little bit! Won't get to see Skyfall, much want to see Skyfall, unless we find some babysitting. Any offers out there?!

  4. I enjoyed it too and yes, oh my goodness, the teeth were AMAZING!!!! Which one was Ralph Fiennes?
    I really liked the Young Q- he was funny! I did miss the gadgets though! I was most excited about the deserted stations on the Tube map, I soooooooooo want to visit one!

  5. Yes, it's a super film, isn't it? Kind of Bond grown up, without losing the style of the the best earlier films. I'm glad you got to see it - we went when we were in Edinburgh for the wedding - worth seeing it in English!

  6. I noticed that about the Judi Dench bag thing too.

    Did I miss something about "teeth special effects" what was that?

  7. I very much enjoyed this one - a sort of Bond on austerity measures, I thought. Very well written and acted and a bit more serious in tone, which I liked. The Fiennes character didn't please me at first, but became more appealing at the end.

    And yes, the toothy special effects were quite stunning. :D

  8. Amazing film. I'm afraid I can't remember toothy special effects either (and I didn't fall asleep!) can someone enlighten me please?

  9. I am so pleased that the bike stays :)

  10. I think the tooth thing will be when the baddie is captured and shows her what he says she did to him!!?!If you follow my meaning.(trying not to give out spoilers here)

  11. Pleased to hear the news about the bike : )


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