Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Fading Of An English Rose

The death has just been announced of the actress Dinah Sheridan, aged 92. Despite having a German mother, and a Russian father, she made her fortune playing very English ladies! Throughout a somewhat turbulent private life [four husbands!] she starred in some great films. My two favourite DS films are Genevieve from 1953[with John Gregson and Kenneth More] and The Railway Children from 1970 [with Bernard Cribbins, Jenny Agutter and others] She was in heaps of other film and TV stuff too, and had a beautiful voice and a winning smile…

dinah_sheridangenevieve bw

railway children bw

Her first husband was actor Jimmy Hanley. Her daughter, Jenny Hanley, presented the children’s programme ‘Magpie’, and her son, Jeremy Hanley became Chairman of the Conservative Party.


  1. She was great in the Railway Children...Didn't realise Jenny Hanley was her daughter! Thanks for posting this, it has reminded me to purchase Railway Children for husband's birthday in December - he'll be 52 and it's one of his favourite films. :-)

    Lesley in Livingston, West Lothian.

  2. The FH is a real old-fashioned cinema lover, as he spent a few years as a boy working in his local cinema, helping in the projection room, getting to watch the films for free and falling in love with all these amazing actresses of the day - Dinah Sheridan was one of his stars. She was a lovely lady, and I always remember her in the original Railway Children, as you say.

  3. IRYPT - it brought back memories.
    Love from Mum

  4. My grandmother was crazy about her- she used to know her I think- she had a framed picture of her in her house. I loved her in the railway children!

  5. thanks for the info, I didn't realize who her daughter was either. Another great lady that has left us this year.


  6. She was beautiful. I loved her in the Railway Children and Genevieve. She was the same age as my Mum is

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    1. Thanks Carole - deleted your comment [which was very kind] because it included your email address!

  8. It's so hard to get that movie! I want to see it!


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