Saturday, 10 November 2012

Just This Once


Tomorrow morning I shall pin two things on my coat. My poppy – and my Mum’s Bletchley Park Veteran's Medal. It is her medal –but presented posthumously to me on her behalf last year [full story here]

Just once I want to wear it as I stand at the War Memorial on Remembrance Day, for the 2 minutes silence. This year, Sunday will be the ‘eleventh of the eleventh’ and I want to acknowledge her memory, and the things she did to help expedite the end of WWII. I may never know the full story – but I do believe her work at BP made a significant difference.

I shall probably weep quite a lot – but that doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that I remember, with pride and with gratitude.


  1. Lsst year you were here and we stood at City Hall. Jo still refers to that mural near chucrh as Ang's mural! Weep proudly.

  2. Wear your poppy, medal and tears with pride.

  3. what a lovely tribute to your mum

  4. Wear and weep, remember with pride.

  5. Many tears will be shed tomorrow.Those we weep for will know.
    Jane x

  6. Your tears will show love for all that you have been blessed with.
    Kiwi Fi

  7. A beautiful post Angela, full of pride. I have a tear in my eye just reading it.
    Karen x


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