Friday 2 November 2012

What’s For Dinner Tonight, Then?

For many complicated reasons which I’m not going into here, today has been a day when I really needed cheering up. So I am most grateful tor Liz for alerting me to this wonderfully dreadful menu translation from ‘T Kelderke [the Little Cellar] which is a restaurant in the Grande Place, Brussels. I have been chuckling as I read it.


These are just the starters!

Bloedpens from Brussels 8,00€

Mixed salad ,50€

Foot of pig in frost 7,50€

Roasted foot of pig 8,50€

Snails of Burgundy (1/2dz.) 12,00€

Herring nets "Jefke" 9,00€

Pots of the monks 9,00€

Salad of plugs 9,00€

Gray shrimp salad 13,50€

Thighs of frogs with garlic 13,00€

Scampis home 14,90€

Scampis fried 14,90€

Shrimp croquettes 11,50€

Melted with cheese 9,00€

Droppings of chavignol to honey 9,50€

In case you are wondering, we shall be eating a chicken and chorizo casserole this evening, which has been simmering happily in the slo-cooker for most of the day. Foot of pig in frost does not appeal to me, or salad of plugs!! I do know that bloedpens is a sort of black pudding –  I am not keen on that either. And Chavignol is a type of goats’ cheese from France.



  1. Mmmmm... not! There's something wonderful about bad translations, though - we had a guide book from Pompeii this summer which was charmingly quirky, and one from Herculaneum which was just too professional and fluent for its own good, somehow. What's a foreign holiday without mangled English, I ask? We certainly mangle the languages as visitors...

    Have a wonderful, cheering, evening and weekend Ang - God bless you all.

  2. Big hug and prayers sent for you.

    Your menu reminds me of some of the lovely 'translations' we used to find in France!'

  3. Oh dear, what will the monks use now?
    Jane x

  4. Sorry to hear you've been down today - glad you received this to cheer you up, and thank you for also sharing it with us! :)

  5. Hugs from me and mine (Dribbles from Baby D)
    x x x

  6. Would definitely rather be in Grande Place des Amandes ce soir!

  7. Thankfully, the salad of plugs turned out to be lardons, and Jon enjoyed it very much the last time we visited! Hope you're feeling better soon :-)

    1. Thanks for explaining that one Liz [why 'plugs' though?] and it is good to hear the food is enjoyable, whatever it is called

  8. I am baffled by that "salad of plugs". Is it hearts of lettuce or something?

    "Melted with cheese" is so delightfully mysterious.

    1. See Liz's explanation above for the plugs!


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