Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hello Kitty!


Two bits of trivia I have discovered in the past couple of weeks.I am probably the last on the planet to pick these up, so do forgive me for my tardiness. In my defence, I have been busy praying for the CofE and the new ABC, and knitting hats for merchant seaman and other important stuff.

KACKBut how come I never realised that Krusty Allsorts is the cousin of Cass Kitten?? No wonder there is so much CK stuff lurking around the homes she re-styles!

titlepageWe have lost the warmth of Montelbano’s Sicily on Saturday night TV and are now wearing jumpers, and watching cold, gloomy Scandinavians. In Denmark this programme is called Forbrydelsen which means ‘The Crime’ – but BBC4 calls it ‘The Killing’

What’s bizarre is that ‘Killing’ is the Danish word for ‘Kitten’

[btw, if you want the jumper, you should check out this website]


  1. Well, I didn't know, either. So, that makes us the last 2 on the planet - you have company!

  2. Bloomin' Cath Kidston generation. They really are a monopoly!

  3. Hi Angela - are you still de-cluttering? I read this blog


    and she's now debt free and starting to rebuild her life and needs a few bits and bobs that good souls like you and me have around. I have her address if you want to part with some 'sewing stuff' thanks Froogs xxxx If you can email me xxxxx and maybe leave this on someone else's blog? Sometimes we just need to set off a love bombxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Well, I certainly didn't know that!

  5. So C K is a real person? I've often wondered whether she was or not, and Dr Oetker too. So thanks for clearing the CK business up. I might have to go and google the Dr of baking supplies to check he's not a cousin of Krusty too.

    1. I just realised that Doctor Oetker is an anagram of Crooked Otter. [or Cooked Rotter!]

  6. Didn't know that either!
    And I am so tempted to knit one of those jumpers!
    x x

  7. I saw my very first 'Cass Kitten' stuff when I was with you last year..from what I hear, I'm happy not to have come across Krusty Allsorts!
    Jane x


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