Friday 9 November 2012

Rubies In The Rubble

When we were in London with Liz the other Monday, I picked up an advertising postcard in a shop. The name intrigued me…


You can go to the website [here] or read the article from the guardian [here]

Full marks to Jenny Dawson, a young woman of similar age to my own daughters who saw something useful she could do – and did it!

Her project helps  unemployed people to learn skills and get back into work and it helps reduce food waste.

rubies rubble Jenny Dawson

Her mission is simple; "to highlight the excessive amount of perfectly good food that is wasted in the UK and create employment for people with limited opportunities…I want Rubies in the Rubble to be the Ben & Jerry’s of the chutney world. I’d love it to be replicated around the country. I want the idea to spread.”

rubies bannerrubies jars

Well done! She certainly deserves this award [from Ben & Jerry!]


  1. Excellent idea. I too hate the waste at supermarkets and people who throw away instead of freezing or using leftovers. great that they employ people struggling to find work as well.


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