Tuesday 27 November 2012

On A Roll!

hooksHaving just the one crochet hook, I consulted Mags about what other sizes might be of use. She recommended this set from Amazon. £3.99, free delivery, for a dozen colourful aluminium hooks in various sizes. Less than 34p each, and all the Hookery in The Bookery crowd use them. Must be OK.

cute&easycrochetBut they came in a very flimsy plastic wallet. I checked out my crochet book, and sure enough there was a pattern in there for a case. It is basically a rectangle of double crochet, with a fabric lining and inner divided pocket. which rolls up neatly and ties. A simple project for a novice like me!


I modified it slightly. I made the main lining piece of felt, to give a little more ‘heft’ to the finished article, and folded over the top few centimetres to make a top pocket. That way if I put it in my bag upside down [which is very likely] then the hooks won’t fall out.


The bottom pocket is part of the ‘fat quarter’ Liz gave me a few years back. I hand stitched all the fabric in place.


The hooks look very pretty – and I like the finished roll too!


It didn’t take long to make. About the same time as it took Bob to watch the last Grand Prix of the season! We both found that extremely exciting [poor Lewis Hamilton, I did feel sorry for him]

I can highly recommend the Cute & Easy Crochet book by Nicki Trench. When I emailed her to say how much I was enjoying the book, and how easy it was for a newbie to follow, she was kind enough to reply [that gets her an extra load of Brownie points!] I have also discovered that she has another book coming out next year. Watch this space…


  1. I must get my head around crochet next year!

  2. I am so making one if these!!!
    I've just managed to make a massive hole in a pair of trouser and need to replace them so that can be my lining fabric!
    Just need to finish my current project first
    ho hum
    x x x

  3. Do you know Niqi did exactly the same thing- with modifications! That's her roll in the photo at the top of the Hookery blog! Great minds obviously think alike. I did the crochet bit of the roll, and bought some fabric, but that's as far as it got- time for another Almond visit, methinks!! Hookery also recommends the book- it's our set text!

  4. This is darling! I have a similar roll for my knitting needles, but am not as disciplined as I should be about actually putting my needles in it. Need to work on that!


  5. Good idea Ang.
    There were groans here for poor Lewis.

  6. Great idea! Really cute. :-)

  7. Now I know what to spend my Amazon gift card on!

  8. I love my aluminium crochet hooks.

    Brilliant work on the case - the top pocket is a brainwave! I corral my portable projects in plastic ziplock bags, which I don't particularly like but they do keep things secure.

    You'll have to start putting a notche in your needle case for every completed project....


  9. Angela, what an inspirational post! I hadn't even thought of looking on Amazon for crochet hooks, for a start. I am constantly amazed by the little things I learn online that help so much. Pity there weren't more hours in the day, but then I'd be glued to the computer for even longer than I am now. :)

    Delighted to have been introduced to your blog by way of Frugal Queenand your lovely comment elewhere. :)

  10. Angela, I had missed this and Mags mentioned it tonight at Hookery. I love your Hook Roll - I agree that Nicki's book is the one to pick up if you want to get into crochet but have useful, interesting projects. To date I have made 10 projects (some have been duplicates) and hope to have the summer shawl finished for my mum for xmas. I have 1 week left before the last posting date.


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