Wednesday, 28 November 2012

PIF, ARK And Other TLAs**


My famous friend Froogs – now a regular contributor to Radio Cornwall, and also recently featured in the National Press has been in touch with me. Having climbed out of a huge hole of debt herself, she is seeking help a friend who is rebuilding her life after a similar experience. Keep an eye on Froogs’ blog this week to see if there is any way you can share in her ‘Love bomb’

You know I love Bible stories – and there are some great ones about giving – the widow in Zarephath who shared her last meal with the prophet, the Samaritan who paid for B&B for a complete stranger in difficulty, Dorcas who spent her time sewing clothes for her neighbours and their children…

Morgan had a good post this week about giving – pointing out that giving our time is just as valid as giving money

I’m not trying to heap guilt on you if you can’t share in Froogs’ Current Project – there are many, many hands stretched out right now, asking us for help, urging us to give to this charity or that good cause. You must steward your resources in the way which is right for you, and respond as and when you feel it is right.

[**Pay It Forward, Acts of Random Kindness, Three-Letter Acronyms]


Very Old Joke [updated]

A little boy told his Grandad he was going to church next day. Grandad gave him a 50p and a £1 coin. “You can put one coin in the offering plate, and spend one on sweets” the old man said “You decide which coin goes where”

The following week, Grandad asked the boy what he had done with the money. His grandson replied

“Well, Grandad, I thought God could probably use the £1 for all those poor children. Then the Vicar said ‘the Lord loves a cheerful giver’ and I thought ‘I shall be more cheerful if I have lots of sweets’, so I gave the Vicar the 50p instead”

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