Friday, 21 June 2013

Boxing Day


Around 20% of our books were left over after the Sale the other Saturday. Some have gone to the housing scheme next door to the chapel, for their Summer Fayre. Some have gone to the local Hospice, and will be sold through their charity shops throughout the county. And the remainder are going to Christian Aid. CA have a brilliant scheme whereby they send you the boxes, and then come and collect them – free! All the details are here. Bob and I worked very late at church on Tuesday night to pack about 400 tomes into 12 large boxes ready for collection by the courier.

Much better that the leftovers should go promptly to help others than sit around collecting dust and becoming unsaleable. I should say that CA are quite specific about what they can accept [must be non-fiction, good condition, with ISBN, and relatively new] but the Hospice were quite happy to take all our leftover pink-jacketed chick-lit, and black-covered crime and thriller stuff!

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  1. Good for you
    I always used to man the bookstall at the school fete and send all remainders to the charity shop. I too am a regular 'return to sender' and once digested send the books back to the CS from whence they came!
    I will box up some more today I think
    Best wishes


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