Monday, 3 June 2013

We Went To Warwick

In need of a serious Day Off after all the weekend’s busy-ness, we climbed onto the bike and set off to visit Warwick. It is not too far away, but it must be about 16 years since we last visited. The town is full of history and half-timbered buildings [ and later in the summer, full of foreign tourists, I am told]

east gate

We arrived mid morning, parked the bike and went off to the bank, nosing round a few Charity Shops en route. Then we went in Wylies Tearooms for a cuppa. The time was 11.54 – but when we went inside, it was clearly 1954. Everything was as it might have been there fifty years ago – and the music being played was BBC Radio theme tunes of the fifties – Coronation Scot, Barwick Green, Calling all Workers…Bob teased me when I exclaimed “Ooh! Paul Temple” and “Aah! the Archers”



We each enjoyed a “Fat Falstaff” – these are huge spicy rock cakes, with almonds, cherried and currants, somewhat similar to “Fat Rascals” from Betty’s Tearooms. then we went through to the shop at the back.

DSCF5567Here Kate sells a whole range of nostalgic items- teatowels, tins, aprons, fridge magnets, all printed with retro package labels – in the atmosphere of an old sweet shop.trios

We went back to the bike, which we had parked opposite this little tea rooms.

I was intrigued by the Santa outside, so went inside- and down the ancient staircase to the Santa’s Cellar.


They had an amazing range of Christmassy goods, some of it was really pretty. I particularly liked their embroidered London buses, made specially in a worker’s co-operative [in Nepal I think]

Then we rode back towards home, planning to have a pub lunch on the way. The first one we stopped at had a power failure, so was not serving food. The next was closed on Mondays. We were quite close to Bob’s brother’s place [and by now it was past 2pm] so we called in there. F&B were not only at home, but insisted on providing us with a delicious lunch. [thanks]

It was lovely to see how their garden is developing and to sit in the sunshine and chat together. I have realised that this is the third warm and sunny Monday in a row – and we have been able to spend them all with different family members. Wonderful!


  1. I visited Warwick when I was in the UK. We went to the Brethrens' Tea Room...I think that is it's name.
    Jane x

  2. Even though its close to us too we haven't been to Warwick for years! I must get over there in the summer. It looks interesting. Jx


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