Sunday, 2 June 2013

Exhausted- But Happy!

Wonderful service this morning. Bob used a couple of illustrations from my new book [“Which Ang had as a present from a mad Irishwoman” – now Mags will never come and visit us!] Gary was received into membership at communion. Also he – and some of the young people – sang two worship songs he’d composed. Great stuff! Hoping for more. I just counted all the takings this afternoon from yesterday’s BookSale- £405. 50…which is excellent.

Here’s the Church Hall at 9.30am Saturday, ready for the customers


Sadly no knitting or crochet books donated! Lots of children's stuff though, which sold well


Bob checked out the SF table [hang on, didn’t most of the books on there come from our bookshelves?] Note the pink sash!!


People came, and browsed, and filled their bags, and then went for a coffee and cake, or soup and rolls. At least two people bought bags of books, then returned later to donate other books to the sale!


The food was well received, especially Gwen’s cakes.


We served refreshments in the Re-creation Room. The Sale was to kick-start the fund to refurbish this room. We want to make it much more useful, to the community as well as to the church. It is looking a bit dull and dilapidated at the moment!


I had some great conversations with customers. One couple were on their way from Herts to Derbyshire for a holiday. They left the M1 at Jn21A as they wanted to see Kirby Muxloe Castle. Coming down the hill into the village they saw my signs [I had been out and replaced them last week] and so after visiting the castle, they walked down to the Sale, and bought some holiday reading.

Top marks to Ray for coming with a shopping list [sorry we had no copy of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ for you!] and to Carol, the Wardrobe Mistress, who got everybody into their pink sashes.

Thank you to the brilliant team of helpers who made it all possible!


  1. glad you enjoyed the songs they took us a while to sort out!!! I was sad that I couldn't be there to be in the debut and play the tambourine :( and that we missed the book sale. It seems like a very enjoyable event!! see you next weekend x

  2. I had a tear in my eye after we'd done the songs. I feel humbled to be a part of such a wonderful fellowship. As I've said to you before, it's been 10 years or more since I felt a real part if a church, you and everyone else have made me feel at home at KMFC (yes, even you Emma lol).

  3. BOB! Sniffs indignantly! (Do you think we could come and visit the castle anyway?) Looks like a super sale- sorry we didn't make it across the sea!

  4. What a brilliant day. You did very well,and I'm sure people enjoyed the event.

  5. Well done on such a super day!

  6. Glad it went so well. Excellent idea

  7. Glad the sale went well, sorry to have missed it but think Paul quite relieved as the shelves in spare room are groaning !!


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