Monday, 24 June 2013

Good Looking!

I really must book an eye test – I put it off last autumn because of the prohibitive cost of the lenses. My brother is shortly to undergo treatment for cataracts, so I think I should get my peppers checked. [is this a hereditary condition? neither of our parents suffered with them, although both wore glasses] He didn’t know he had a problem till his eye test, but it appears that nowadays they can spot cataracts much earlier. It is good to deal with them sooner rather than later.

Last Tuesday, I saw a pupil* in the coolest frames – but sadly they do not make them for adults, or I would definitely want these..


He had the green/grey ones, but I think the red/silver are more ‘me’


Which reminds me, why don’t Lego produce ads like this anymore?

lego ad girl

*just realised the unintentional pun there – my pupil had two pupils behind his fab frames!


  1. Oh Lego frames- and Matt is due to go for his annual test soon! Jo has spent three years in utter disappointment because his eyes remain perfect and the crocodile frames are the ones he has his EYE on in our Optician's!

  2. I think choosing glasses is one of the most difficult things in my life. Your glasses look wonderful!


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