Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Horses Sweat…

…gentlemen perspire, and ladies merely glow is a phrase believed to have originated from Victorian etiquette guides. Certainly Japanese researchers discovered a few years ago that men on average start perspiring much more quickly than women and then twice as much when they are in the middle of exercising.

The scientists at Osaka University found that men lost twice as much moisture per square inch of forehead, chest, back, forearm and thigh at any one time. Also they discovered that men are more efficient at sweating and that women required a much higher body temperature before they started losing moisture.

victorian gym

But I was fascinated this week to see an advert on TV for a man’s deodorant which proclaimed the latest product was designed to protect the shirt on his back through the use of ‘anti-cardboard effect technology’ I had to go off to the PC and research this. It seems that this product is “formulated to avoid the deposits responsible for the stiffening of fabrics after washing, drying and ironing.”

I am not aware that such a problem has been afflicting my laundry basket. Bob has certainly never complained in the past 30 years about this issue [he is always very appreciative of having clean, ironed shirts when he needs them] Sorry L’O***l, I suspect my spouse will continue to buy the budget stuff which he likes. It works and has a pleasant fragrance, so why spend three times as much?

A random thought –  starch produces ‘the deposits responsible for the stiffening of fabrics’ – so if I put a can of this new deo spray on the shelf next to a can of spray starch, would they jump apart like two magnets repelling each other??


What will the ad-men try to sell us next, I wonder?


  1. Is this the same advert that says the deodorant lasts up to 72 hours? 72 Hours without a shower? EW!
    x x x

  2. It is one of life's irritations that suddenly we have to have deodorant for men and women which is supposed to mean buying one of each I suppose. Not in this house I'm afraid.

  3. Fresh air in cans will be next!
    Jane x


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