Tuesday, 25 June 2013


DSCF1006DSCF1017I bought a green winter coat, a Dannimac, in the Leicester branch of Fenwicks, during Autumn 1997. It served me well for fourteen winters. Then in January 2011, I realised it was getting very worn in places, and gave it an overhaul [before/after pictures above, and details here] I rebound the worn cuffs and mended some of the rips. But it has really got to the end of its useful life. There are some extremely worn patches in the outer fabric, the lining has become very thin, and shredded in places, and there are some much mended tears on the back. It feels thin, and is no longer really warm. I can’t wear it any more – and I have already got a new coat for next winter from John Lewis Sale.

DSCF5622What to do? It is far too worn to pass on to a charity shop – but I cannot bear to throw it away. I’ve got this sentimental attachment too, because my Dad was with me when I got it, and it was our last shopping trip together. I have recently thought of a use for the fabric. So I dismantled the coat, and discovered a white interlining which was weirdly disintegrating.


Above you see the heap of thin, worn out fabric. The coat has a double layer over the chest and upper back area, and the fabric under that was in quite good condition, as was the hood. So here is what I have salvaged from the garment


  • the hood
  • three largish pieces of green woollen cloth from the coat
  • two strips of green corduroy from the button bands
  • two good pieces of un-worn lining from the sleeves
  • the drawstring cord from the hood
  • the long metal zip from the front
  • a short nylon zip from the inner pocket
  • 8 [original] green buttons from front and cuffs
  • 2 [replacement] buttons from the back
  • a green and a red button from the 2011 brooch
  • a few clear buttons and a random safety pin.

All this has packed neatly into a small poly-bag, to be stored until I have time to implement my project. I shall offer the remaining rags to Bob as he may have a use for them.

Nobody can say I haven’t had my money’s worth from this coat!


  1. They made them well then didn't they? I remember mum always saying I needed a "good" coat!

  2. Oh I am sad. I know you in that coat!

  3. What a great transformation. Quite trendy too! I had some aunts who were a bit posh, and they used to have their suits made and then they had them 'turned' which involved unpicking and literally making them the wrong way round. They used to also have their hats re-trimmed.

    I really love your new creation, it looks like a very nice shooting jacket.

    I might mention that on my blog.


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