Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Growing Pains

We are not gardeners. We will never be gardeners, however hard we try. We can mow, and strim, and chop, and shred – but as for producing fine crops of vegetables or beautiful displays of flowers – not us. Monday was spend attempting to get the garden into shape [having worked on Steph’s plot in Wimbledon, and the Cornerstones estate in Norfolk]


There were plenty of weeds to be shifted, and the area that was once a pond, but is now covered in gravel, needed serious tidying up. Bob suggested that he should remove the Pieris from its pot and replant it in the border bed. OK, I said.

He smashed the pot, dug a deep hole and replanted the shrub. I suspect he enjoyed the smashing bit best. Our one and only spade is in Norfolk, so the hole was dug using the emergency folding shovel [well it doesn’t get used for much else] He did a great job


Sharp eyed horticultural experts will notice that the Pieris looks suspiciously like a Hebe. That’s because Bob got the two plants muddled up. [I told you we were not gardeners] Actually, the Hebe looks much better in the border, it had outgrown its pot.

The ‘pond area’ [it hasn’t been a pond since 1996, but we still call it that] is much tidier now, and my pots of herbs look happier. I took a photo, whilst leaning precariously out of the bathroom window.


Bottom left, the colourful Pieris. There are also pots of mint, thyme, chives, lemon balm, lavender, and sage – plus a chrysanthemum, some ivy,  and a pleasant looking green thing which we cannot identify, and may well be a weed, but we like its colour and shape!

After a hard day working in the garden, we felt very pleased with ourselves. Not quite enough energy left to do a dance though…

Oh Flobadob!


  1. I love Bill and Ben :)They're real people, you know, just like those lovely Archer folk in Ambridge!

  2. I love pots full of herbs, some of mine are looking a bit tired after this time without rain.
    If you decide to plant the Pieris it will reward you with any years of colour.

  3. The herbs were the only things I recognised in your garden! I've forgotten so much from the UK.
    Jane x

  4. I thought it was only small boys who leant precariously out of bathroom windows. Now I see why you three get on so well...

  5. Bill and Ben - I remember them well!


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