Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wet, Wet, Wet!

When I got home just after midday the sun was bright and shining. So Bob lit the barbecue and I started making some coleslaw and a green salad. But before very long it turned cold and rather breezy…


Shortly after this photo was taken Bob brought all the food inside and finished cooking it on the hob, and we ate at the kitchen table. The rain was coming down so heavily!


  1. Angela, great pic of male attachment to the BBQ. It must have been bad for him to give in. Did you have a look at all the amazing BBQ stuff that was linked in this week? Cheers

  2. Just like this where we were camping last night!

  3. Aah isnt it always the way Angela?

  4. well if you wait for good weather in this country you would never BBQ :)))

    P.S my son has decided to enter dance comps again this year so I will be back at the Norbrec in December :(


  5. Are you getting flooding, or is that more central Europe? It must have been some rain to bring Bob back inside to finish up!


  6. Canadians would call Bob a lightweight! Canadians BBQ in any weather including -25C and snow!
    Chris and I , however, do not BBQ ,EVER...we'd have beaten Bob indoors!
    Jane x


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