Saturday, 8 June 2013

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Carolyn [of Mess, Muddle and Fun] spotted this and commented – so yes, I will ‘fess up. It was me! The Guardian want pictures of church congregations for their “Guardian Witness” feature – so I submitted this one of our church a few years back.

kmfc bubbles

We were asked [the previous Sunday] to bring umbrellas – and during the service, Bob showered us with bubbles. The service was about water needs around the world, and Jesus the Water Of Life.

Do check out the page [click here] as loads of congregations have sent in pictures. Some of them are really great, with people engaged in all sorts of happy activities, showing that Christians are not boring [but occasionally bizarre]

If you can, why not post a picture of your crowd?


  1. What a brilliant link- I love the diversity of the submissions- all those ages and activities and the colour and community of it all. Such an interesting thing for the Guardian to be running!

  2. Thanks for the link, it's fabulous to see the church alive!
    Jane x

  3. So glad to know it was your church! I thought I recognised Bob from the photos you have posted and I knew I had the right village name. A friend posted the link to the Guardian Witness site and I had fun browsing it and was so excited to find this.


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