Thursday, 13 June 2013

Looking Down In The Mouth

I had a trip to the Royal Infirmary this week, for a sialogram. Yes, I had to ask for an explanation too. It is when they look into your mouth and do a check on your salivary glands* by pumping dye in through a catheter and taking X-rays. Sounds much worse than it really is. Thank you to all the splendid staff who made it all go so smoothly. It was a little uncomfortable, but in no way painful. The worst bit was the lemon juice that they give you to flush your mouth out afterwards – the best bit, the cream cake Bob bought me to take the taste away! [*I had a minor infection a few weeks back and the GP wanted it checked out, in case I had a stone in the gland]

Here’s a typical sialogram X-ray [not mine] and a plastic skull

sialogram skullDSCF5578

The second skull is the replica of Richard III’s skull, which was printed out using one of these amazing 3d computer printers. I had a look round Leicester Guildhall’s Exhibition before I went along to my appointment. The Hospital staff were very excited when I told them – the King’s skull had been scanned in the Hospital’s scanner, just along the corridor from where I was being seen. “I actually got to see the skeleton” said one of guys. I only saw the plastic replica [but I did see the actual trench last summer!]


Everything in the exhibition was well laid out and there were plenty of staff around to answer questions. Also lots of other artefacts found at the dig.


But I may give up gardening though. I have already said this week that it is not my favourite pastime. But now I have further justification – it is clearly a risky business – look at this notice


Richard III may have lost his feet because of gardening activity!


  1. I just love your reasoning! By the way did you know that all the calories fall out of broken biscuits and when the staff mark prices down at the end of the day they also mark down calories.

  2. That's why I wear shoes with steel toe caps while I'm digging my allotment!!

  3. Goodness, that skeleton is amazing. is that a boy-friendly exhibition, do you think?

  4. I've lost my mind over a gardening activity but never my feet.
    Glad that you are OK.
    Jane x

  5. That's interesting! Somebody gardened up the king's feet!
    I'm glad your medical procedure went well.

  6. Angela, great post - hope all things medical have now been sorted. They are never fun. Cheers


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