Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Suns Are Glowing

Do you remember this old hymn?

Summer suns are glowing
over land and sea,
happy light is flowing,
bountiful and free.
Everything rejoices
in the mellow rays,
all earth's thousand voices
swell the psalm of praise.

It would have been a good one to sing today [but if you’d chosen it in advance, and then it rained you might feel silly] But today the sun is bright and shining. the Worship Group led our morning service, on the theme of Joy. We sang The Tortoise Song, aka “Jesus put this song into our hearts – it’s a song of joy no-one can take away”


My kids named it that many years ago, because of vv 2 & 3 [Jesus taught us how to be a family, Jesus taught us how to live in harmony] Ian played his banjo for some songs, , which was definitely joyful, and Sarah’s flute piece during the offering was fabulous.


Before church, I made some little chicken pies, which were round, golden and sunlike [I shall say more about these another time]


I turned my pastry scraps into initial ‘C’s [for ‘chicken’] in case I forgot the contents. It hasn’t quite worked – but I plan on eating them up quite quickly anyway, before they get forgotten in the freezer.

Coming home from church, we found some of our young neighbours had set up a stall by their front gate, selling cupcakes and homemade jewellery in aid of the RSPCA. Bob went on home to get my purse, as neither of us had any cash**, and on his return I bought 2 cakes*** for our afternoon tea and a bracelet. It was good to stand and chat with the children whilst I waited for him.



**I don’t usually take money to church with me – apart from my offering envelope.

***I am not expecting these cakes to be GBBO standard – but on principle, I feel it is very important to support and encourage young people who are doing Good Things For Others like this. Don’t you?


  1. Quite agree, Angela. Young people need every bit of encouragement, especially when they are doing something for others.

  2. Hi Angela! I love your purchases!
    I am so glad you have sunshine today!

  3. I am so glad you and Bob took the time to go and get your purse and encourage those children, and yes, it is just what I would expect you to do. It so good to see children taking the initiative and doing that.


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