Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ear Ear!

I am very fond of ear-rings. Although Bob did point out recently, I do not appear to have a pair which is actually ring-shaped! They’re mostly stud types and dangly ones [I think those are often called ‘ear-bobs’, particularly in the southern USA by Scarlett O Hara and co] And I especially love ‘quirky’ ear-rings


I cannot bear ‘clip-ons’, and had my ears pierced when I was 32. If I go more than 36 hours without wearing ear-rings, the holes start to close up. But in the past week, the ‘crash helmet’ issue has arisen again. When I pull on/take off the helmet, my earlobes catch [I do have very sticky-out ears] Ear-rings with hooks quickly get pulled out. So I have to wear simple studs, and even they get dislodged sometimes. Last week I managed to lose one of my favourite pearl studs.

I bought a set of very cheap ones in Claire’s Accessories a few years back – a card of 3 pairs of studs – red, white and black. Just so I had a set for biking. I lost the black ones. But one red and then one white got damaged, and wearing an unmatched pair is just a little too quirky, even for me. Then I thought of a thrifty solution


I put them onto a folded piece of paper- using two plastic ‘spacers’ to lift them up a little.


Then painted them with red nail varnish. So now I have a pair again.


You will notice that, as usual, I have smudged it! Steph, on the other hand, never smudges her nail varnish -or on the other foot, for that matter!


  1. I was quirky for about 10 days once without even knowing it. The pearl fell off one of my hoop earring leaving me with one plain hoop and one with a dangly pearl and I didn't notice. People thought I had done it on purpose. Maybe I would have done it - twenty years ago!

    1. You are a relatively quirky person, I think, so I am not surprised nobody commented on your odd ears!

  2. That is such a good idea! My teenage daughter has quite a few "odd" earrings. She would have great fun doing this. Thanks! Lesley

  3. I tend to wear the same earrings every day, but I can't wear even studs to bed. They bug me.
    Well done with the nail varnish! Smart!

    1. I usually remove my ear-rings before bed, as they get uncomfortable as I snuggle my head down into the pillow!

  4. That's clever!
    I'm a stud person...I don't have any danglies,and hoops look silly on me.
    Jane x

  5. I'd forgotten that my grandmother always called them "ear bobs"! I remember spending many happy hours looking through her jewelry box and trying on her jewelry.

  6. I'm a danglie person but have to take them out when I play the violin, or they bang into it. I'm doing a bit more public performing these days so should really invest in some studs!


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