Monday, 14 April 2014

The Reel Thing

52 projects

Last July, Bob made me a wonderful cotton reel coffee table for Cornerstones. [details here] My SIL Marion said “Oh, I’d love one of those for my conservatory…can you make me one?” So I put it on the 52 projects list. Here’s mine…



And here is the one we have just completed for Marion. She and I share a birthday, so we gave it to her last week.

I love the way Bob has edged the top with his router, and I think the varnish is a better colour. My contribution was the red corduroy ‘sleeve’ Maybe we should go into business?


  1. Yes! I can just picture you both with a stall at the N.E.C Knitting and Stitching show.......
    They are very realistic.

  2. This is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! You SHOULD go into business!x

  3. You should definitely go into business!! Does it include storage? They look amazing! WS xxx

  4. He's a clever lad and you're a clever girl!
    Love from Mum


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