Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Weekend Celebrations

First up, a few pictures of Hayley’s Wedding

hayley's wedding

After the shot of Bob and myself had been taken, someone pointed out that we were the wrong way round – you cannot see my feathery fascinator! Reception food was good- Pastor Bob and WPC Marilyn are certainly enjoying themselves [bottom left] I should explain, there was a dressing up box, and guests could put on various hats and have their pictures taken. I should hate any of my readers to think that Bob was either [a] about to be arrested or [b] consorting with a  stripagram! Emma and Sarah were concentrating very hard on their hog roast and pick-and-mix sweets. I don’t think they knew I was taking a photo.

Bob and I left the reception and drove up to Norfolk, arriving at 11.45pm Saturday night. On Monday we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Carluccio’s in Norwich to celebrate my forthcoming birthday. IMG_1820

But we returned to Leicestershire Monday afternoon, and it has been back to work, and lots to do since then. Happy memories to treasure.


  1. Happy Birthday, soon-ish?xx
    Mine will have a nought on the end of it this year and then I'll keep it at that! Kidding, not bothered these days about age, just the grumpiness lol!

    1. Thank you Sandie- and thanks for the lovely craft books too x

  2. I see a lot of blue in the outfits..was that the bride's request?
    Jane x

    1. It just worked out that way - although the girls in the youth group did go and buy their dresses together. My dress is one I had last year [and Bob's blue shirt is even older]
      Sadly I forgot to photograph the stunning blue and white flowers in church.

  3. How lovely!!! You look very pretty! I could tell there was a feathery fascinator going on there, pretty! And yep, guessed about the wpc too!! I lice dress up boxes! X

  4. We certainly look like we are concentrating very hard on that hog roast! I didn't realise you had taken that picture, along with the one on facebook of me with a tray of cakes it looks like all i did at the wedding was eat!


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