Friday, 9 May 2014


Kezzie had a great post with this title last week – a very clever pun on “tu whit tu whit tu whoo” and the owl card she’d made for her beloved. Owls seem to be very ‘on trend’ right now – and on Tuesday my students made some owls in our sewing session.


Here they are, perched on top of the sewing machine. They were so easy to do.

  • Cut a quarter circle in one fabric, and an eighth circle from another.
  • Sew the straight sides together to make a cone, and trim away excess fabric
  • Turn right sides out, carefully push up the point.
  • Fold over the top to make the beak, and sew down.
  • Sew on two button eyes
  • Run a gathering thread round the base and stuff well with polyester filling.
  • Pull the thread tight. Sew up the hole at the bottom
  • Sew a large flat button over the hole, to make a firm base for the owl to stand on.
  • Done!

We used a 12” plate to draw our large circles and an 8” one for the smaller owl. The height of the finished owl will be around one quarter of the diameter of the plate. We thought of some possible uses for these owls

  1. a small one on a ribbon could be a charm to hang on a bag or keyring
  2. a set of three would be good for juggling
  3. fill one with rice to make a paperweight
  4. a huge circle [30”] would make a big owl to fill with sand or gravel for a doorstop
  5. skip the buttons and replace with circles of felt to make a soft toy for a child
  6. make a set of little Christmas ornaments


  1. Why can't owls find a partner in the rain?
    Because it's too wet to woo!!!

  2. Owl no Gaz, that's terrible!!!
    These are cute! What a good idea!x


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