Thursday, 8 May 2014

Peel, Petals and Pomanders

When we went away to Cornerstones, I thought I had put all our remaining fresh food into the coolbox to take with us. But I had overlooked a few ‘sweet and juicy easy peelers’ on a plate on the sideboard. I’d bought them to take to school with me, but they were neither sweet, nor easy to peel. On our return, they looked very sad

IMG_1911They were rather dry and shrivelled. I really didn’t want to throw them away. I selected the best looking one, and wrapped it with some ribbon, and then studded it with cloves [these were languishing in my spice drawer, IMG_1922and rather old, so I decided I would rather do this than cook with them] That’s made a traditional ‘Pomander’

I sliced the remaining fruit and left them to dry out in the oven.


I’d saved the petals from the red roses Bob bought me the other week and put them in a pretty bowl.

So that’s three different natural air fresheners – much nicer than a chemical spray.


  1. That's impressive, very "waste not, want not." I bet they smell great. Vee x

  2. I love the smell of pomanders, and still have one that my mum made me, it must be 20 years old!

  3. I made pomanders one Christmas to keep evil cat off the Christmas Tree. I am tempted to have another go - they were lovely! WS xxx

  4. I used oranges to make our Christmas tree and natural.
    Jane x

  5. Very much nicer than chemical sprays. That potpourri must smell lovely. :)

  6. Sorted.
    Love from Mum

  7. Very good! I should do that too!! (P.S. Is that your Mum above me or is that just someone who calls herself Mum as her blog title/profile! It keeps confusing me!)x

    1. No - she's not my Mum - sadly my Mum died in 1991.


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