Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pretty Special

I was out preaching at a local chapel on Sunday – as usual I was given a really warm welcome. The Minister was having a much needed day off – his daughter had got married the day before. The building looked great, as it was festooned with yards of bunting. I am told it was made by one of the bridesmaids from CS duvet covers! It is double sided so looks good from every angle.


Everyone at the ceremony was invited to tea and cupcakes afterwards in the Church Hall, then later on, invited guests went to the Reception. Leftover cupcakes were in evidence on Sunday morning – so I was sent home with two cakes [they never forget Bob!] plus one of the beautiful floral arrangements from the front of the chapel, a gift from the bride’s family. Thankyou!

May God bless Rebecca and Jamie with many happy years together!

But what was really special for me was this - We prayed not only for the girls in Nigeria but also for Meriam in Sudan. One gentleman helped me to carry the flowers out to my car and thanked me for the service- and said he was going to go straight home and contact the Sudanese Government to ask for Meriam’s release [links on the Amnesty Website] If what I said in the service made just one person go and do a good deed, then that is truly wonderful.


  1. That IS wonderful, good Ang!
    I love that bunting. I over do with bunting, but it's so friendly!
    Have a sweet day!

  2. Indeed! I will try to do it too when I get home.


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