Monday, 5 May 2014

Hoping for Boot-y-ful Bank Holiday!

52 projects

One thing on my 52 Projects list was “Sort, then sell stuff at a Car Boot Sale” But I have a problem here – most CBs are on a Sunday. However I have tracked down a very good one which is on Saturdays and BH’s!



So when you read this, I hope to be at Measham Carboot, along with Bob, a table, a clothes rail and heaps of stuff! This little heap is just a fraction of our merchandise – once I got starting on amassing clutter, Bob produced an old guitar, computer keyboards, kites, patio cleaners*, and all sorts of other odd electrical stuff. I am not expecting to make a lot of money – but it will be good to have got rid of items we no longer need.[* how did he come to have three of these?]

The Measham  Carboot has a good reputation – look at this photo


I have some important rules when I CB–

  1. remember to pack small change, warm clothes, folding chairs and some refreshments [like a flask of hot coffee] as well as merchandise
  2. only put things into a carboot which are worth buying
  3. if items do not then sell, they must be passed on to a CS [although not all will accept electrical/computer bits]
  4. I always take somebody with me – to help with difficult customers, and to watch the pitch if a break is needed for the loo etc. Liz and Steph have helped in the past, it will be fun to have Bob there this time.
  5. if I am going to sell, then I am not allowed to buy! [That means no Hornsea, no Pyrex, no enamelware]

The field opens to sellers at 7am – and finishes at 1pm, which is good and early. If I just make enough to cover the cost of the pitch and the petrol to get there, I shall be more than happy. Anything above that is a bonus.


  1. I love car boot sales! Hope it goes well.

  2. Ive NEVER been to one!!! Is be worried is be tempted to buy stuff but it would be good to do one!!. X

  3. I hope you have a lovely day! Do let us know how you get on. x

  4. I'm afraid we were the buyers today and we parted with our money. All purchases were 'bargains' of course!
    Love from Mum

  5. Chris has managed to amass duplicates of all sorts of's a guy thing!
    Jane x


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