Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Not Four Candles–Fork ‘Andles

classic comedy!

Having read two books about Zakka whilst on holiday, I thought I’d make something useful. Specifically, I wanted something to hold my cutlery when I take a salad to school for lunch [on Supply, you cannot always guarantee there will be a knife and fork easily available in a strange staffroom!] In my stash I had an old M&S teatowel, purchased years ago in a sale. I wanted it for the chicken and egg motifs round the edge. I’d used some – and had this bit left.


I needed to cut two right-angled triangles with sides of 15”. Ideally that would be a 15” square cut in half along the diagonal, but I didn’t have enought to do that. I cut one triangle from the top left hand corner, then cut and seamed the remaining remnant to get a piece big enough for triangle #2. I also cut out a small circle round the green egg [bottom right] and cut round the chicken motif [top right] I appliqued the chicken to the plain corner of one triangle, and made a tiny ball by stuffing the circle with polyester filling.


I sewed a length of orange bias tape in half along its length, then attached the little ball to the middle, and the ends to the corner. Then I sewed the two triangles together all round [leaving a turning gap]


I folded in 5” on each side at the bottom and oversewed the edges to make pockets. The little pockets–neatly hold the fork ‘andle - and the knife ‘andle, and the blade and tines too. 


At lunchtime, I can take out my cutlery, and I have a neat little cloth to lay across my lap in case of spills. After lunch, I’ll wash the cutlery and put it  back, roll up the little zakka and secure it with the tape. And it can go back in my bag


I am absurdly delighted with this little cutlery holder – It’s a shame today is my last day of SATs support work. I hope I get more supply work soon, and a chance to use my new gizmo.


  1. Very pretty and neat idea :)

  2. That's so cute, lovely use for such a cheerful piece of fabric.

  3. PLEASE do tell. What was it you wanted the chicken and egg motifs for which made the sacrifice of a whole tea towel the right thing to do?

    1. It was a charity fundraiser craft sale - I had some plain green, yellow and orange fabrics in my stash - so I made egg cosies, tea cosies and oven gloves and then appliqued motifs and stripes to brighten them up!

  4. Hi, I have just caught up with your blogs and seen the one about Noah, I totally agree with all you have pointed out. I too sat admiring their fantastic skill of clothes making, thinking I am not sure I could make them now even... Also I wondered how the transformers ( the Watchers) had made it into the film?

    1. I think they are meant to be the Nephilim of Genesis 6. But all very odd!

  5. I love the cutlery holder you made from that beautiful tea towel. The Two Ronnie's comedy clip, at the beginning of your post is one of my favourites of theirs.

  6. Lovely, what a great idea & so beautifully executed. Hope you have lots of opportunities to use it, i.e - lots of nice supply work.
    Vee x


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