Friday, 30 May 2014

A Celtic Prayer

You are the peace of all things calm
You are the place to hide from harm
You are the light that shines in dark
You are the heart's eternal spark
You are the door that's open wide
You are the guest who waits inside
You are the stranger at the door
You are the calling of the poor
You are my Lord and with me still
You are my love, keep me from ill
You are the light, the truth, the way
You are my Saviour this very day

woman at window

I know it is time now to leave Cornerstones, and return to Leicestershire this afternoon – and that is right and proper – I can feel my heart is aching to be back there again. There is work to be done, and plenty that needs my attention. But the peace of these past few days has been amazing. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be still, and to be silent. I hope that I have listened, and learned. And I am truly grateful for this much needed entr'acte, when the music of my life has been slower and gentler than usual.


  1. That's a truly lovely prayer. I think maybe a retreat such as the one you have had might do us all a power of good xx

  2. I'm glad you found time to pause and to rest with God.
    May his living waters refresh and revitalise you.

  3. Sometimes we need the peace and tranquillity of just stepping aside.

  4. What a lovely prayer. I hope that peace stays with you throughout the whole term x

  5. How lovely and peaceful Angela

  6. And when you get back to the hurly burly of a busy life remember to schedule in 'retreat' time - a time to be still and relax.
    Love from Mum

  7. Beautiful prayer and just what I need tonight - thanks, Ang x

  8. That is a lovely prayer


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