Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It’s A Gift

One thing on my ‘list of stuff for Salzburg’ is a gift. We have each been asked to take one necklace, and then on the first evening, we exchange gifts – so everybody gets a different necklace to take home, as a memento of the Conference [you can tell that all the delegates are women] I decided to personalize mine, so I have made a little drawstring bag for the necklace, and embroidered it with the WWDP logo, and the location and date. I did a spare in case my friend wants one too. These should slip neatly into a suitcase.


I am taking them to the meeting today to show the rest of the committee. I have to lead the prayers this morning before the business meeting starts. I am planning to use some of the Christian Aid Week resource material. I know CA week has finished- but the work of the charity goes on all year round

Lord Jesus,
For journeys home
For determined steps to peace
For hope overcoming fear
For kindness against violence
For goodness and mercy
even through the horrors of war
For the breaking of bread and for prayers
For sharing what we have
For all these things
give us glad and generous hearts.


  1. Lovely bags for the gifts, so clever of you. The prayer is certainly food for thought for all of us, Vee x

  2. A lovely idea nd the bags make the gift more special

  3. So much nicer than a paper bag.

  4. What a lovely memento, whoever gets your gift is going to be pleased!

  5. How lovely - a necklace is a great idea and you have taken it that one step further - how typically caring and loving. Enjoy the conference. xxxx

  6. Told you that you were clever! Such a pretty and special gift.


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