Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Feeling Refreshed!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. Twenty four hours after leaving home I have to say all is going incredibly well here [apart from the rain of biblical proportions – I have yet to wade through the knee length grass to get into the summerhouse!] I am just taking a quick break to watch Pointless and catch up on blogs. I’ve spent a lot of time reading [and reflecting] and a bit of time working on a project for my brother. I went into town briefly for petrol and bread – then came home and changed out of wet clothes and shoes.


Just a quick note to Steph [left] thanks for a lovely weekend with you and Mark.…and to Liz [right] Happy Birthday – wish I could be with you and Jon today – hope that the four of you have a lovely meal together this evening


  1. Time away is very precious thing. I hope you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated by your retreat.

  2. So glad! Enjoy your retreat.


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