Tuesday, 6 May 2014

One Girl’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

IMG_1941Well, that was a good outing! We were up before 6am, and had breakfast, then went off to Measham Carboot. The weather was great – the only thing I forgot was my camera. Did we sell stuff- yes we did. Was it the stuff we expected – no it wasn’t!

We took a flask of coffee and some fruit, which sustained us [and stopped us buying bacon cobs or burgers from the takeaway vans]

Who would have thought that people would have paid good money for a cardboard stand-up figure of Obelix, an old plastic loo seat, a blue bath mat, a set of speakers with half their innards missing**, and some freebie pens? At the end, when people were packing up, I went round to one of the Charity Tables [Chernobyl Children, I think] and asked if they were interested in a box of our leftovers – so the car came home much lighter than it went. Much decluttering, and I am glad other people can recycle the stuff we no longer need. **Yes, the buyer did  know, he was buying them for spare parts.

But we did break our self-imposed rule and spend a little money – I bought a Coronation mug, two plates and some vintage Tupperware [total spend £2.40] Bob got a set of ladder carriers for the car roof. These are normally around £40, and he has wanted some for ages- so £5 was a bargain. We still made around £50 which has gone into his PA Upgrade Fund. Coming home, we stopped at the Chippy, to get a pie and and chips to share for lunch.


As I say, I forgot my camera – this is definitely not us! What kind of mad bloke takes a girl out in his luxury sports car and expects her to share his chips served with a wooden fork from a polystyrene tray?


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