Friday 23 May 2014

People, Like Us!

leats eat grandma

Yes, there IS meant to be a comma in that title. I need some of you out there to help me by ‘liking’ the new WWDP Facebook page.


It is here and has only been up and running for a few days. We are aiming to help people see that the WWDP movement is more than just one day in March – our work goes on all through the year and the gifts donated go to support projects all round the world. The FB page should keep people updated on what we are doing and where.

I know that lots of you who read this blog are involved with WWDP in different countries, and even more of you support charities involved in development, and issues surrounding women, children and families. I should stress [for Gaz and his mates] that WWDP does not exclude men- it’s just that the material and services are prepared by Christian women for the use of everyone.

If you are on facebook, do me a favour, and click here please -Ta!


  1. Alas, am not on it!! Great that you've got one though. X

  2. I've liked it, and I've invited a load of Facebook friends to come and like it too. Interested to keep up with WWDP this year throughout the year, especially as I am taking charge of the local committee this year........just for one year!

    1. thanks - so pleased that some women who are actually YOUNGER than me are signing up. Plans are afoot to change that picture on the header [altogether too white, too Middle England, too middle-aged!!]


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