Friday, 2 May 2014

Early In The Morning


Just as day is dawning

He picks up all the postbags in his van

Our family used to love the Postman Pat stories thirty years ago when the girls were small. We watched the programmes, and collected the books, and had the jigsaws [I even knitted a PP jumper!] so we were interested to see posters advertising “PP The Movie” when we went to Noah in Norwich last week. But we were a little confused. The first poster we saw was this one


“Steven Mangan, Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, Ronan Keating and David Tennant” are the  names across the top. “That’s a very masculine cast list” I said and Bob replied “What has happened to Mrs Goggins? Is she dead? We should have been told!” [It took me a while to recover from my fit of the giggles] Then we saw poster #2


“Well she can’t be Mrs Goggins” I said, looking at the dancing woman. Then we fell to wondering which of the actors listed was playing the female part.

I suspect we shall have to go to the film [or sender some younger spies on our behalf] to get the answer.

There is an official trailer out now

Back in the 1980s my cousin was leading a sing-along at her playgroup. The children loved the PP song. Afterwards she asked them

“So children, why does Pat think he’s a very lucky man?”

“Because he’s got a job, Miss!” replied a 3 year old at the back.

I do so hope that child has grown up and found a job himself now!


  1. The three year old pretty much summed up the eighties!
    Jane x

  2. "All the birds are singing and the day is just beginning..." -is that why Pat feels he's happy? X

  3. no mention of mrs goggins :( although it does seem a very odd cast for an animated children's movie!


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