Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Very Brave Lad

stephen sutton cancer

RIP Stephen Sutton, who died this morning, aged just 19. His Mum posted this message

"My heart is bursting with pride but breaking with pain for my courageous, selfless, inspirational son who passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday 14th May. The ongoing support and outpouring of love for Stephen will help greatly at this difficult time, in the same way as it helped Stephen throughout his journey. We all know he will never be forgotten, his spirit will live on, in all that he achieved and shared with so many.”

The Teenage Cancer Trust paid this tribute

“Stephen was an exceptional young man and ambassador for Teenage Cancer Trust. He will be remembered for his incredible positivity by all who met or connected with him. Stephen didn’t measure life in time, preferring instead to measure it by the difference someone makes. Stephen has made an enormous difference to Teenage Cancer Trust and the seven young people diagnosed with cancer every day who need our help.”

May God bless and comfort those who knew and loved him – and may the money raised through his efforts continue to roll in, to help other younger people suffering with cancer.


  1. Beautiful words Angela. I had the honour of hearing his inspirational words just 5 weeks ago. So gentle, upbeat and giving. A remarkable young man.

  2. He was a remarkable young man. I have been following his story and his parents should be so proud of how he handled his illness and everything he achieved with the time he had left.

  3. How sad. but what an enormous effect he had, raising so much money for the Teenage Cancer trust. I guess he was at home with his family when he died, I hope so.

  4. It's amazing how positively he dealt with his situation- an inspiration to all of us!x

  5. What an inspiration to us all. Very sad, very brave. Vee x


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