Friday, 6 March 2015


Today is the Women’s World Day of Prayer [yes I know I go on a lot about WWDP, but being on National Committee I’m supposed to promote the movement] The theme is ‘Do you know what I have done to you?’ – The words of Jesus to Peter, as he washed his feet at the last supper. A Bahamian artist was commissioned to produce a piece of artwork [more here]which she entitled Blessed – now The Bahamas Postal Service have commissioned two more pieces [Remember How To Serve, and The Master Key] which will be reproduced on postage stamps – to spread the word around the islands. This is a WWDP world first.

Please remember the people of The Bahamas – many of them existing in utter poverty, whilst cruise liners full of the world's wealthiest people regularly anchor off their shores.

all 3

May all of them – and you - feel truly blessed today.


  1. May all our prayers be answered and everyone helped as a consequence of our prayers.

  2. The stamps are lovely. I was originally hoping to go to my old church for a service but I had such a headache I just had to come home.x


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