Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pause In Lent #6- Waiting, Wanting, Working

A Pause in Lent Floss
I was thinking for ages about this last PIL for the year. Two weeks ago, every woman at Dereham Baptist Church was given a primula in a pot at the end of the Mothering Sunday service. Mine had no flowers, just leaves. I suspect the child distributing to my row didn’t recognise me, and so played safe and gave the colourful ones to ‘regulars’
P1000937“No flowers on mine” I muttered. Christine kindly offered to swap hers, but her sister Margaret pointed out the tiny buds lurking beneath the foliage. “Just wait” she said “You’ll have flowers soon” And now I do. Perhaps I should write a PIL about “Waiting on God”, I thought.
Stone carvings around and over the chimney-piece with the coat of arms of William Bankes (sable, a cross engrailed ermine, between four fleur-de-lys or), quartered with those of Wynne and Brune, and with the family motto 'Velle Quod Vult Deus' (Desire wha
Then we visited Kingston Lacy, built and owned by the Bankes family, whose motto is velle quod vult Deus – to want what God wants . So then I considered “Wanting God’s Will”
you gotta move
Finally Chris Evans ended his breakfast show on Friday with studio guest Tom Jones singing the old Spiritual “You Gotta Move” –
And that reminded me that when the Lord gets things ready, then I have to get move on, and start “Working for God”
You got to move, child, you got to move,
But when the Lord gets ready, you got to move
You may be high, you may be low
You may be rich, child, you may be poor
But when the Lord gets ready, you've got to move
Waiting, Wanting, Working
I just can’t decide – it’s the last PIL, so I shall go for all three!!

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