Saturday, 14 March 2015

Family Fortunes

Some updates on previous posts, which many of you have asked for*

Christmas 2011_thumb[2]

Steph has now exceeded the target on her JustGiving page for the Marathon next month, thank you so much if you are one of the supporters. She’s a bit anxious about her Achilles tendon – it has been causing problems this week. Praying it heals up soon, so as not to interfere with the training programme or the run itself.

Liz did not win us the Mum&Daughter weekend trip to Bruges. Never mind. She and Jon have been with me here at Cornerstones since yesterday afternoon, and that’s been great.

Bob is happy and well back in Dorset – but working every hour under the sun, it seems. Certainly getting to know all the local funeral directors faster than he expected!

Me? I am happy as anything, Wrist healing up nicely, and tomorrow is Mothering Sunday – spending the morning here with Liz, and the evening in London with Steph. How blessed am I?

*apologies for rather old Xmas photo. Having camera issues.


  1. So nice to see a family picture! Enjoy Mothering Day!


  2. Such a beautiful photo. Hope Steph's heel feel better soon. Commiserations to Liz but never mind you still got some precious time together. Good to know that you and Bob are happy and that you like you new location. Happy Mothers Day Hope you're spoilt rotten,

  3. Lovely photos despite its vintage!! Happy Mothers Day.x x

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you, Angela. That's a fab photo. x

  5. Lovely photo, only odd thing is just the time of year its' posted.Hope your camera issues are sorted soon, don't want you to miss a good shot of anything.


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