Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pause In Lent # 4 – Living Water

A Pause in Lent Floss

When we went to Wimborne Minster on Tuesday, there was a simple display on the theme of ‘water’ in one of the chapels. As well as information about WaterAid, and the provision of clean water, there was a display on the centre table – pebbles, draped fabric, and a prayer. Yet again I thought of our UCF verse for the year. More reminders of deserts and streams…

A Water Blessing – if you wish, dip your fingers in the water, and mark the palm of your hand with the sign of the cross, and in silence – or out loud- say these words

May clean, clear water bless us

Wellspring or waterfall

life in abundance

flowing, cleansing, refreshing

May we use wisely

God’s gift of water

and cherish each drop

bring life to Earth’s deserts

Jesus, pour your water

greening and satisfying

on the dry dustiness

of the deserts within us

Holy Spirit,flow through us

revive our faithfulness

cleanse our sinfulness

fill us with prayerfulness.



  1. Very beautiful lines. What a nice idea to have the display.

  2. That's a lovely blessing.x

  3. Green the dry dustiness. That's an image for my night xx


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