Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wimborne Wanderings [Part Two]

Yesterday I was invited to lunch by fellow Connexion member, Jill, whose husband is the Baptist minister in Wimborne. I had a lovely time chatting with her, and we discovered we had loads in common. After lunch we went for a walk along the banks of the river Stour up to the edge of the grounds of Canford School,** in Canford Magna.

Considering the morning had been so grey and overcast [no chance of seeing the eclipse at all] the afternoon was delightful! See how the trees and blue sky are reflected in the water


19c turnstileThis 19th century turnstile was originally part of the Railway Station which once stood nearby. P1000857






This archway leads into the school grounds – but we went to the right, and walked round the little Parish Church – some parts of which date back over 1000 years.


The banners inside were very sombre. I wonder if that it is because it is Lent, do you think?


And here is the little suspension bridge. It did wobble a bit when we were walking across! But all in all it was a super stroll in delightful surroundings- but only a stones throw from the town of Wimborne itself. Jill said – and I agreed – that she considers herself very blessed to live in such a beautiful county.

suspension brdge

school badge** here’s the school crest

The motto ‘Nisi Dominus Frustra’ is translated as ‘Without the Lord, everything is in vain'


  1. Wimborne looks like a lovely place.

  2. I must pay a visit to Wimborne sometime - it looks lovely and yet I have not been there in spite of it being not too distant!

  3. I am glad you said what the turnstile was as I would have wondered what it was!!

  4. That's brought back memories... I used to go to the Canford Summer music school in the late 80s. Jx

  5. It feels as if you have moved to the deep and ancient heart of the country x


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