Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Liz said last year that I do not put enough pictures of myself on the blog [that's because I am usually behind the camera, and my basic phone can't take selfies] I'm a Bit Busy right now, so today's blogpost is just to amuse you- this was what Steph put on facebook on Sunday...
"I was going to post a sweet photo of mum and me and write something lovely, but the best one I found of Angela Almond in my albums was this one... Mum- you are truly awesome!"
[No this is not my mother-of-bride outfit]


  1. Ha Ha ! Great pic and I may just follow your lead with the dress code for I picked up my new specs from the opticians yesterday and I hate them!! I felt rather chagrinned into choosing them by the busybody fella who was assigned to help me with the choice. Wonder if I can change them but not looking forward to enquiring about it! xxx

  2. recognize you anywhere in that outfit!!

  3. Almonds are nuts are they not? Hugs xxx

  4. Why are you wearing Bob's clothes!?!?!?!?xxx

    1. They are MY clothes- these are the waterproofs which go on over my bike leathers when I am on the pillion in the rain! The trousers ARE a little large, I admit, but that means they have a bit of wriggle room!


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