Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Trent … And Trenches

recentSad to read at the weekend of the death of talented singer-songwriter Jackie Trent. The music she made with her husband Tony Hatch resounded throughout my teens. The press have made much of the fact that she wrote the words for the Neighbours theme tune – but she did so much more than that. Her songs were sung by loads of stars -Petula Clark recorded Don’t sleep in the subway, I couldn’t live without your love, Colour my world and loads of others. She was perhaps the best known singer of the Trent/Hatch oeuvre. But Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones, Bruce Forsyth, Jim Dale, Marti Webb, Peter Duncan, Cleo Laine, Des O Connor, Dean Martin …they all had hits with Jackie’s songs. I think that when I was in my early teens, my absolute favourite was Scott Walker singing Joanna [that’s probably more to do with watching SW on Top of the Pops than the actual song!]


Ms Trent clearly shared my fondness for rainbows- “Opposite your smile” begins

When I'm opposite your smile then I'm opposite a rainbow
Who can make the rain go? Nobody but you
And in everything you do you are lighter than a feather
There is brighter weather when I'm opposite your smile

and “Colour my world” ends with

Just as long as I know you're thinking of me
There'll be a rainbow always up above me
Since I found the one who really loves me
Everything I touch is turned to gold

The trenches? well, Monday marked the start of building work at UCF. How fantastic to arrive at a church which is about to start extending the worship area, because it is a squash to get the congregation in on a Sunday! Here’s the workmen, the digger and the first trench.

building 2015 23 03

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  1. And look at the lovely sun! We could with some hanging around here today.


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